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Cheat Weekend: World Eats at the Podium

Pinoy Eats World (or PEW) is a fun little group that’s all about giving love to food. They have exciting events such as theme dinners (steak night, veggie night, burger night), {f}.art dinners (dinners that merge food with art), food tours (so far around Pampanga, Hong Kong, and Turkey), and guerrilla dinners, where you’re given a time and a place, and PEW ensures a food adventure different from your usual sit-down or night out.

This weekend, Pinoy Eats World brings you World Eats at the Podium. It’s specially curated so that everything you find is a little more interesting, a little bit different, and mostly a little bit better than what you’re used to.

To further demonstrate:

Ka-Pao Taiwanese Sandwiches

Divine Desserts’ dark chocolate madeleines

Chips and dip courtesy of Ms. OC’s Kitchen

(Her tinapa pate is a killer with the chips, which are nicely thin and crisp. She also makes amazing cookies.)

Ensaymada that I’ve heard raves about

Risa Chocolates

Pumpkin Noisette and other flavored mooncakes

ANGUS BEEF TAPA. I’ve had this and it is the tapa of my dreams. Unnnggghhh.

Fog City Creamery (which I’ve sufficiently raved about)

Duhat Honey wine, made in the Philippines

Kape Liqueur, also made in the Philippines


(All photos courtesy of Pinoy Eats World)


World Eats at the Podium
October 21 to October 23 
2nd level Atrium, Podium Mall

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